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  • Даниела
    Me a long time plagued by frequent headaches. I was went to the reception of many doctors, but no neurologist nor endocrinologist, and even the psychotherapist could not assign any diagnosis. You can say, I accepted, and has become simply take painkillers each time, when he felt the approach of a migraine. When I устраивалась for work, I needed to be medical notes, for which I take several analyses, and a test of the parasites showed that I have in the body a lot of worms. The expert appointed for the reception of drops bactefort. I was taking them, and after a month again put the reviews – everything is clean!!! In addition, along with the worms are gone and my headaches.
  • Росица
    The daughter after a trip to the sea has become the complain about the itchy asshole. I take her to a doctor, she put analyses of the parasites, and the result was positive. I was afraid that the doctor appoint powerful drugs, and the daughter has stomach problems, but the doctor suggested natural drops bactefort with no side effects. The daughter saw the entire course, then, we feel-exams – the result was negative!
  • Николай
    I became, often tired, some weakness appeared, constant vertigo. So I went to the hospital and passed the general examination of blood, turned from hemoglobin significantly below normal. The doctor, the first thing suggested querying for the presence of parasites, and came to a point my body was full of intestinal worms. The doctor appointed me a drop of Bactefortand after a course of receive the my problem is a thing in itself. Now, sometimes I take this medicine for the prevention and even the children give.
  • Радка
    I had a seasonal allergy in flower. As previously, this has not been observed, I decided to examined. After doing more tests for the presence of parasites causes reactions was clear. The doctor offered me a reception drops bactefort. I accepted, but within the question is whether a medicine herbal. The tests dispelled my doubts – without-purposes was not. With the time I have lost my allergy.
  • Васил
    The wife, coworkers, friends – everyone noticed that I drastically started losing weight, when this appeared a kind of irritability. When I turned to the professional, he offered me a series of tests, and a test for parasites was positive. The wife bought me a drop of bactefortand I drank nearly a month, and then I noticed a significant improvement in health status. The tests came clean, and the weight was up.
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